Air SeaTac Virtual introduced the Automated Pirep System using the functionality of Kieth Lovell's Flight Tracker. An ACARS utility and a logbook all in one, Flight Tracker records flight information from your active Flight Simulator session automatically! This system allows you to log flight information recorded in realtime from your flight directly to your logbook here at Air SeaTac


With Flight Tracker you can record flight statistics in real time such as fuel loads and consumption, flight times, departure and destination airports, taxi speeds, weather conditions, aircraft type and many more flight parameters.


All this information is kept in you own personal log book, with the added bonus of being able to post a pirep directly to your Air SeaTac log. Once connected to the server your information will be submitted and your flight records updated via the Automated Pirep System.


Follow the rest of this tutorial to install and configure Flight Tracker for use with the APS. You will also find detailed information on the logging and functionality of the program, and importantly, how to send in your flight reports.

Flight Tracker

For a copy of Flight Tracker follow the link below.

Flight Tracker