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Pilot Flight Report # 93945 Submitted by : AST332 on 2020-04-18
Date: 2020-04-18Aircraft: Beechcraft Premier 1A
Flight No.: AST11305Distance (Nm): 981.67
Departure: CYWG - Winnipeg InternationalDestination: CYUL - Montreal International (Dorval)
Out (Taxi)1856Z3611 lbs12212 lbs Flight RulesIFR
Off (Takeoff)1859Z 12153 lbs158 ktsFlight LevelFL407
On (Landing)2136Z 10086 lbs91 ktsVSTD-251 ft/min
In (Ramp)2138Z1481 lbs10074 lbs ZFW8591 lbs
Flight2.60  -  2:372064 lbs  Pax0
Block2.70  -  2:422130 lbs  Cargo0
Departure WeatherCYWG 181856Z 33712KT 15SM OVC029 BKN399 4/1 A296
Destination WeatherCYUL 182138Z 20610KT 15SM BKN066 9/-7 A2977
Flight CommentsFinally got it right this time (I think, discounting bugs that had to be watched). Caught the ILS for the first time in this aircraft