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Pilot Flight Report # 94573 Submitted by : AST195 on 2020-10-17
Date: 2020-10-17Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Flight No.: AST1361Distance (Nm): 789.40
Departure: EGLL - HeathrowDestination: ESSA - Arlanda
Out (Taxi)2130 Flight RulesIFR
Off (Takeoff)2130 Flight Level
On (Landing)2357 VSTD
In (Ramp)2357 ZFW
Flight2.45  -  2:2716  Pax0
Block2.45  -  2:2716  Cargo0
Departure WeatherEGLL 170450Z AUTO 02005KT 340V070 9999 OVC040 10/08 Q1022 NOSIG
Destination WeatherESSA 170450Z 24006KT 9999 BKN036 04/03 Q1018 NOSIG
Flight CommentsGate 66 Noticed while parked at the gate that the anti skid inop light was on needs looked at before next flight.