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Pilot Flight Report # 95763 Submitted by : AST775 on 2022-01-24
Date: 2022-01-24Aircraft: DeHavilland DHC6 Twin Otter - Wheeled
Flight No.: ONLINE EVENTDistance (Nm): 188.26
Departure: RPMZ - Zamboanga InternationalDestination: RPMR - General Santos
Out (Taxi)0010 Flight RulesIFR
Off (Takeoff)0010 Flight Level
On (Landing)0122 VSTD
In (Ramp)0122 ZFW
Flight1.20  -  1:12123  Pax0
Block1.20  -  1:12123  Cargo0
Departure Weather775
Destination Weather775
Flight CommentsOut of China to New Caledonia - 5 of 24