Monthly Online Event

At the start of each month a new multi-leg flight is posted to the server allowing all pilots to follow the same route.
Check below to view the current flight adventure and review the progress of the pilots.

This event is now ACTIVE.

NOW ACTIVE: from 0000 UTC on 2022-06-01 to 2359 UTC on 2022-06-30.

About this Flight

Pizza, Pasta, Vino and a little Gelato!

Enjoy Italy and the surrounding areas at its best!

In this Online Event we will be launching 20 hops, covering a total of 5066.97 nautical miles. So complete your flight preperation, climb aboard and join us on another jaunt across the virtual skies.

 FSNavigator FlightPlan

 An FSNavigator flightplan is available for this Event.

Participating Pilots
Pilot IDNameLegs CompletedCurrent LocationNext Flight
AST252David Wrede1LESB - Son BonetLeg 2 - LESB - LIEE
AST775Jeph Payne20LIMC - MalpensaCompleted! Well Done.
AST769Jeff Johnson20LIMC - MalpensaCompleted! Well Done.
AST003Jim Hodde20LIMC - MalpensaCompleted! Well Done.

The Route
1Faro - LPFRLESB - Son Bonet525.65
2Son Bonet - LESBLIEE - Elmas Mil295.40
3Elmas Mil - LIEELICR - Reggio Calabria317.13
4Reggio Calabria - LICRLIBD - Palese Macchie191.13
5Palese Macchie - LIBDLIRU - Urbe197.72
6Urbe - LIRULIMJ - Sestri218.04
7Sestri - LIMJLFKF - Figari/Sud Corse175.16
8Figari/Sud Corse - LFKFLSGG - Geneva312.31
9Geneva - LSGGLOWI - Innsbruck223.89
10Innsbruck - LOWILIMF - Caselle196.99
11Caselle - LIMFLIPY - Falconara Mil262.80
12Falconara Mil - LIPYLIRI - Pontecagnano192.57
13Pontecagnano - LIRILICC - Fontanarossa189.61
14Fontanarossa - LICCLICJ - Punta Raisi102.60
15Punta Raisi - LICJLIPB - Bolzano503.22
16Bolzano - LIPBLIRZ - San Egidio208.14
17San Egidio - LIRZLIRJ - Marina Di Campo101.82
18Marina Di Campo - LIRJLIPZ - Tessera188.17
19Tessera - LIPZLIRN - Capodichino Mil290.09
20Capodichino Mil - LIRNLIMC - Malpensa374.53
 Number of Hops: 20Total Distance:5066.97