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Japan Excursion

Restriction: Minimum Rank - Second Officer

Japan, a country of over three thousand islands, is forested and mountainous. The main islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu are all visited during this tour.


Pilots Completing the Tour
Pilot IDName
AST003Jim Hodde
AST216Lester N Padgett
AST246Billy Edwards
AST416Richard Moore
AST447Chris Barnes
AST463Charlie Jones
AST754Russo Senior
AST769Jeff Johnson
AST775Jeph Payne
AST828Rick Pierce
AST831Stephanie Marshall
AST229Leon Vermeulen


Pilots completing the Japan Excursion will be credited with the tour completion badge.

Participating Pilots
Pilot IDNameLegs CompletedCurrent LocationNext Flight

No Pilots are currently enjoying this tour.

The Route
1Sapporo - RJCORJSH - Hachinohe Aero154.10
2Hachinohe Aero - RJSHRJST - Matsushima Aero129.56
3Matsushima Aero - RJSTRJSN - Niigata102.69
4Niigata - RJSNRJNY - Shizuhama Aero192.76
5Shizuhama Aero - RJNYRJNK - Komatsu132.37
6Komatsu - RJNKRJOC - Izumo180.90
7Izumo - RJOCRJOY - Yao142.03
8Yao - RJOYRJOA - Hiroshima132.99
9Hiroshima - RJOARJFK - Kagoshima192.92
10Kagoshima - RJFKRJFU - Nagasaki78.36
11Nagasaki - RJFURJOM - Matsuyama150.00
12Matsuyama - RJOMRJNN - Nagoya225.82
13Nagoya - RJNNRJTT - Tokyo (Haneda) Intl140.94
14Tokyo (Haneda) Intl - RJTTRJSC - Yamagata173.95
15Yamagata - RJSCRJCH - Hakodate202.69
16Hakodate - RJCHRJCN - Nakashibetsu212.43
17Nakashibetsu - RJCNRJCC - New Chitose150.96
 Number of Hops: 17Total Distance:2695.47