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Rocky Mountains VFR Tour - Introductory Flight


Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Passage, the heart of the United States Rocky Mountain Region. This AST Charter flight will offer us many adventures wrapped in one. We will enjoy beautiful scenery loaded with outdoor activities such as water sports at Lake Powell, Fishing at Green River, Hot Air Balloon rides in Aspen, and Skiing and much more in Telluride.

The Route:

Grand Canyon Airport KGCN - Page Mun. KPGA - Hite UT03 - Green River Mun. U34 - Aspen-Pitkin CO KASE - Telluride Rgl. KTEX. Total flight distance should be close to 460nm with flight time around 3 hours and 45 minutes including stops

The Flight:

Grand Canyon, AZ is the centerpiece of one of the great natural wonders of the world. The canyon itself spans 277 river miles, carved from the mighty Colorado river. The walls of the canyon are made up of several layers of rock including granite, sandstone, limestone and shale, which has take six million years to form. The airport is located near the North rim, which gives great access to scenic flights.

We will depart Grand Canyon Airport using runway 3, heading towards the North rim and following the Colorado river. We will have an outbound radial from the Grand Canyon VOR, frequency 113.10, for reference. After we reach the river, we will descend to an altitude of 5,000ft MSL through the canyon. This will give your passengers great photo opportunities. This route takes us directly to Page AZ, home of Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam.



When we approach Page we will be landing on runway 33, using the Page VOR at 117.60 for reference. After a short debrief, we will head out for some water sports. The second largest man-made lake in the United States was formed by the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam in 1956. Lake Powell is 186 miles long and has more shoreline then the West coast of the continental U.S. All of the 96 canyons are only accessible by boat, and they provide plenty room for water and jet skiing.   Upon departure of runway 33 at Page, we will take a few minutes to explore the lake by air.

The Page airport is above the lake in altitude. Therefore, we will turn right to heading 045 at an altitude of 5,500ft MSL. Will follow the lake taking the left fork that leads to our next destination.

Hite airport is an E-W oriented runway at 2200 ft long. Our approach will lead us East along the South edge of the lake. With a steep 180 turn we will be lined up for the W runway.   There is little more to Hite besides a small marina and a (very useful) general store, but it is the surrounding scenery for which the area is most renowned - miles of striking, uninterrupted red rock formations with minimal vegetation enclose the lake, which has many beautiful side canyons.   Because of the large rock formation located just off of the W runway, we will make our departure from the E runway. Take off and turn to 017 and climb to 8,000ft MSL. We will follow the 017 radial to the MOAB VOR at 109.80. Once we reach MOAB, we will fly the outbound 105 radial for 25nm. When closing on the Green River Municipal airport we will see the river again. This should line us up for a visual approach on runway 31.

Green River Municipal is located in the town of Green River UT, just a short drive to some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. The Mighty Green River is famous for it's world class rafting. Both, white water and calm floats are available. After our short rafting trip down the river we'll stop for a drink at Ray's Tavern. After we recover from this we will begin our next leg to beautiful Aspen.



Aspen-Pitkin County Airport has one runway, Runway 15/33, oriented along the river valley, roughly northwest to southeast.  The runway is named for the magnetic bearing of the centerline, rounded off to the nearest ten-degree interval, with the third digit dropped.  For example, an airplane approaching Runway 15 for arrival has a final course bearing of 148 degrees relative to magnetic north.

By 1890, thousands of fortune seekers had arrived in Aspen to stake their claims or work in the mines. During those boom days Aspen boasted 12,000 residents, 6 newspapers, 4 schools, 3 banks, 10 churches, a modern hospital, and an opera house. Many mining camps were temporary settlements (even the ghost town of Ashcroft, 11 miles from Aspen, had a population of 15,000!), but Aspen residents strived for permanence.

After the WW2 many of the early 10th Mountain Division's soldiers, including ski industry pioneer Friedl Pfeifer, relocated to Aspen and began buying up mining claims and surface rights with the idea of building a ski area. Financial backing came with the support of Chicago industrialist Walter Peapcke, who, with his wife Elizabeth, developed a vision of Aspen as much more than a ski resort. They saw Aspen as a year round cultural center, set in a place of great natural beauty.
Here we will take a fly over the spectacular Colorado Rockies in a beautiful Hot Air Balloon. From here we will begin the journey to Telluride. Telluride is located about 97 NM South. Take off at Aspen and head 216 degrees for 42.5 NM. This will lead you to the Montrose VOR. From here the Telluride Regional Airport lies 33NM South. The Telluride Regional Airport is North America's highest commercial airport at 9078 feet above sea level.


Caution: High Terrain exceeding 14,000 feet all quadrants. Exercise extreme caution when southerly winds exceed 15 kts. (rotor over runway, down draft in the middle of runway). Be cautious of down-drafts near abrupt terrain.

Notes: Safest approach is from the west (Placerville). Stay on right side of valley to avoid traffic conflicts. Telluride may be a great place to relax and do nothing at all, but it is also an area with lots to do. Whether you are an intellectual, or hard-core athlete, or something in between, the Telluride area can probably satisfy all your desires.

We have world-class festivals and events as well as world-class sporting venues. All of this is nestled in some of the most spectacular environs in the world. Of course there is also the shopping and the eating. There are plenty of unique boutiques and enough restaurants to satisfy even the most discriminating of palettes.If kids are in tow, then Telluride should certainly keep them entertained and happy. A variety of fun things to do are available in Telluride and Mountain Village. Local programs encourage kids to explore and express all facets of their creativity and curiosity and best of all, to enjoy the great outdoors

While Telluride might be a ski town, the locals will tell you that there is even more to do in the summer than the winter. That is because in addition to a summer full of festivals, the mountains beckon to be hiked, climbed and explored.

Telluride originated as a mining town, and the mountains are riddled with fascinating old mining towns and equipment. While Telluride and Mountain Village may be small and quaint, the selection of eating-places is wide and often world class. From five star restaurants with breathtaking views to convenient food carts, Telluride and Mountain Village should be able to satisfy the most discerning of palettes.



Air SeaTac Virtual hopes you have enjoyed your tour of the Rocky Mountain Passage. With many more stops available in this beautiful area, there will surely be more flights like this to come. Save your money as some of these tour packages can surely put a drain on your pocketbook.