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LaGuardia Airport (LGA) has been operated by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey under a lease with the City of New York since June 1, 1947. LGA is located in the Borough of Queens, New York City, bordering on Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay. LGA consists of 680 acres and 72 aircraft gates. The airport is 12.7 feet above sea level. There are two main runways, 4-22 and 13-31. Each is 7,000 feet long by 150 feet wide.

Runway 4-22 is a bi-directional instrument runway, and is grooved and equipped with centerline and edge lighting. Takeoffs are permitted with visibility lower than a quarter of a mile, and landings on Runway 22 with visibility less than half a mile. Navigational aids in the 22 approach include an Instrument Lighting System (ILS), an Approach Lighting System (ALS), Touchdown Zone Lighting (TDZ), Runway End Indicator Light System (REILS), and Visual Approach Slope Indicator System (VASI). Runway 4 is equipped with an ILS, an Approach Lighting System and Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI).

Runway 13-31 is equipped with REILS at both ends, and an ILS and ALS serving Runway 13. A VASI (3 bar for wide-bodied aircraft) system serves Runway 31, and conventional VASI serves Runway 13. The runway is equipped with centerline and edge lighting, and like Runway 4-22, is grooved for added traction during wet weather.Takeoffs are permitted with visibility lower than a quarter of a mile, and landings on Runway 13 with a half mile visibility.

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