Logistic and Cargo Services

Local, International and Worldwide




Air SeaTac Virtual is proud to announce the long awaited introduction of Cargo Operations for our network of Hubs. This service enables us to offer a new and exciting challenge over and above our usual Passenger and Charter services.


The Logistics and Cargo services use dedicated routes covering everything from local pickups to long-haul transcontinental and transoceanic flights. But, unlike other services, there are limitations on what you can fly and when. As in the real world, Cargo operations are ruled by time and Air SeaTac Virtual is no different in this respect. Each stage of the operation is time limited, from the booking and checking out of your aircraft, to completing each leg of the route. Failure to meet the time restriction will result in the cancellation of your route and the aircraft submitted for servicing by our maintanance team.


The fleet provides the tools for the job at hand, with unique registered aircraft based at each Hub at the ready. Turboprops are available for the short haul routes, with aircraft from Boeing and Airbus to cover the medium and long haul.