Private Charter Services

A Series of Scenic VFR Tours



Alaska VFR Tour - Introductory Flight

Caribbean VFR Tour - Introductory Flight

Rocky Mountains VFR Tour - Introductory Flight


The VFR Scenic Tour flights are a fun addition to the services at Air SeaTac Virtual. Offering routes over the more scenic areas of the world and allowing a chance to fly low and slow.

For these rugged scenic flights, we have made available a fleet of rugged aircraft suitable for the task including the Twin Otter, Beaver and Aero Commander.

The Charter Service offers a whole new range of flights for you to explore the more scenic areas of the Flight Simulator World and offer destinations in some of the most inaccesable areas such as grass landing strips and seaplane landing areas. Of course your Triple 7 won't be of any use here.

Transitions from the Standard Passenger schedule to VFR flights are available via a limited number of airports and are detailed within each flight series.