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View all the previously held Online Events at Air SeaTac Virtual. Covers the Online and 24 Hour Events. A selection of flight plans from the Air SeaTac Online Events, in FSNavigator format. Download the flight plans and check out some of the varied flights that have previously been on offer at AST Online.

Flights and Events Archive
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Sand in your landing gear?

Original Event date: 2020-03-28


Not on these short hops around the Mediterranean.

Play in the Sand Box

Original Event date: 2020-03-01


From the European Alps to the Arabian desert and all the history in-between. .


Original Event date: 2020-02-01


the British isles through other EU countries

VFR Norway

Original Event date: 2020-01-25


Enjoy some great flights in Norway

Northern Lights

Original Event date: 2020-01-01


it's long over due and about time we finally do this.... circumnavigate the North Pole .

Tour De France

Original Event date: 2019-12-28


Short VFR flights around France. Happy holidays from AST. Enjoy.

Santa Claus Rally

Original Event date: 2019-12-01


Maybe not in the stock market this December but definitely in our hop list this month as we head out of South America, across Africa and up to the top of Norway to catch Santa headed out of the north pole for Christmas. Enjoy!

A touch of Central America

Original Event date: 2019-11-23


Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica in some nice VFR flights.

The Long Way to South America

Original Event date: 2019-11-01


Enjoy a variety of flights down the east and south coast of America, through Mexico, Cuba, Bahama's, Caribbean then south of the equator we go.