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View all the previously held Online Events at Air SeaTac Virtual. Covers the Online and 24 Hour Events. A selection of flight plans from the Air SeaTac Online Events, in FSNavigator format. Download the flight plans and check out some of the varied flights that have previously been on offer at AST Online.

Flights and Events Archive
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South Africa Up Close

Original Event date: 2020-06-27


VFR flights in the southern tip ir Africa.

Africa - Part 2 - SE and S Region

Original Event date: 2020-06-01


Tanzania, Madagascar (not NASCAR), Swaziland, Lesotho, and South Africa will be on the menu this month. Please enjoy the trip we put together for you each month taking you to places you may not normally fly.

VFR in Afica... the falls and the national park!

Original Event date: 2020-05-30


Keep it low and keep it slow. Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park and more Victoria Falls.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's to .........

Original Event date: 2020-05-01


Africa we will go. A few short flights before you leave Nepal then down the eastern coast line of Indiana then off to Africa.

VFR Flights in Nepal

Original Event date: 2020-04-25


1300 miles of some great VFR flights in Nepal. Take a couple of legs. We are sure you will enjoy them!

Cat Man Do?

Original Event date: 2020-04-01


welcome to the Himalayas... .

Sand in your landing gear?

Original Event date: 2020-03-28


Not on these short hops around the Mediterranean.

Play in the Sand Box

Original Event date: 2020-03-01


From the European Alps to the Arabian desert and all the history in-between. .