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View all the previously held Online Events at Air SeaTac Virtual. Covers the Online and 24 Hour Events. A selection of flight plans from the Air SeaTac Online Events, in FSNavigator format. Download the flight plans and check out some of the varied flights that have previously been on offer at AST Online.

Flights and Events Archive
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Phone Home

Original Event date: 2021-08-28


E.T. is waiting for you to bring him his Reese's Pieces .

The Nordics Part Two

Original Event date: 2021-08-01


Norway! A little more up close and personal. Enjoy the fjords with some offset approaches with many types of landings.

Dungeness Crab Anyone?

Original Event date: 2021-07-24


The Pacific Northwest at its best!

The Nordics Part One

Original Event date: 2021-07-01


Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway are on the menu for this month. Enjoy some great flights in some great countries.

Italy Gone Coastal

Original Event date: 2021-06-26


Enjoy running the coastlines of Italy.

From Innsbruck to Nepal and Back ... OH MY !

Original Event date: 2021-06-01


Stops in Istanbul, Tehran, Kabul, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, Cyprus, Greece and Italy. Did we forget to mentions two visits to Lukla (VNLK)? ............Enjoy the ride!

The Alps .......

Original Event date: 2021-05-29


......... up close and personal. All short hops. Start where you want and enjoy some great approaches and airports.

more mayhem

Original Event date: 2021-05-01


ATC made a mistake on the finale leg of April's hoplist. Due to covid restrictions Manston Airport EGMH is closed. So we have to change the departure airport to Gatwick EGKK for the May hoplist. Ok, now that we have made flight plan adjustments lets get going and explore more of Europe. .