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View all the previously held Online Events at Air SeaTac Virtual. Covers the Online and 24 Hour Events. A selection of flight plans from the Air SeaTac Online Events, in FSNavigator format. Download the flight plans and check out some of the varied flights that have previously been on offer at AST Online.

Flights and Events Archive
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VFR Flights in England and Wales

Original Event date: 2021-04-24


The title says it all. Short fights in VFR.

hey Danny . . .

Original Event date: 2021-04-01


. . . guess who's coming to dinner (supper)? .

Spring Break in Florida

Original Event date: 2021-03-27


Circumnavigate Florida in some great GA flights. Bring on the beaches!

March Madness

Original Event date: 2021-03-01


to be continued... from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to West Palm Beach, Florida, USA and a well earned round of golf. But first this adventure takes you to the largest sandstone natural wonder on the planet, Ayers Rock. Then on we go up through Alice Springs, Townsville, Queensland, Baurfield, Port Vila, Vanuatu to the amazing Fiji Islands. Continuing on east we take a few shot jaunts up through Honolulu over to San Diego and land in Houston Texas for a well earned layover and some great Texas style BBQ. From Houston the trip turns to Florida's west coast and Tampa Bay, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady and the Gronk, 2021 Super Bowl LV champs. At this point we can start seeing light at the end of the tunnel as we are getting closer to that promised round of golf. We drop down into Havana Cuba pick up a couple cigars bounce down around the Cayman's and Jamaica for our last layover on Bimini Island in the Bahamas. Ok now its time to get your clubs out and take a few practice swings and polish up your balls. We are going to finish the March hoplist at the bestest place ever. In Palm Beach Florida and stay at the Mar-a-Lago resort as special special special guests of a former oh so famous you don't know or cant even imagine how famous this once political person and his insanely beautiful or was. So step up to the #1 tee and swing away ... FORE!!! the END AST775 .

Eastern Australia

Original Event date: 2021-02-27


Enjoy some flights in eastern Australia.

Cheers Mates!

Original Event date: 2021-02-01


To the land down under we go with stops in New Zealand, Tasmania and of course Australia.

New Zealand Unearthed

Original Event date: 2021-01-30


Run the coast with a mix of VFR and IFR flights

American Samoa's or samoas

Original Event date: 2021-01-01


From Thailand to the American Samoa's with many stops in between. Samoas served in-flight.

The Philippines

Original Event date: 2020-12-26


Some longer legs in the Philippines.