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A Little Big Apple, Vermont, Maine and More

Original Event date: 2021-09-25

Trees should be changing colors. Lets see if we can catch them in some VFR flights. Start where you want. Enjoy!

FSNavigator FlightPlan

An FSNavigator flightplan is available for this Event.

The Route
1Northern Aroostook Regl - KFVE59B - Newton127.51
2Newton - 59BVT49 - Angus Airways137.02
3Angus Airways - VT49KHFD - Hartford-Brainard149.86
4Hartford-Brainard - KHFDN23 - Sidney Mun127.96
5Sidney Mun - N23CYSN - St Catharines/Niagara Distric173.97
6St Catharines/Niagara Distric - CYSNKLKP - Lake Placid234.98
7Lake Placid - KLKP8B1 - Hawthorne-Feather114.86
8Hawthorne-Feather - 8B1ME79 - Two Falls173.61
9Two Falls - ME79KFVE - Northern Aroostook Regl126.38
 Number of Hops: 9Total Distance:1366.15