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A little more China with N and S Korea on the side

Original Event date: 2021-12-25

The shorter legs are in North and South Korea.

FSNavigator FlightPlan

An FSNavigator flightplan is available for this Event.

The Route
1Hongqiao - ZSSSZSQD - Liuting307.89
2Liuting - ZSQDZBAA - Beijing Capital290.32
3Beijing Capital - ZBAAZYTX - Taoxian326.77
4Taoxian - ZYTXZYTL - Zhoushuizi184.04
5Zhoushuizi - ZYTLZKPY - Sunan193.64
6Sunan - ZKPYRKNY - Yangyang International156.29
7Yangyang International - RKNYRKPK - Gimhae International173.51
8Gimhae International - RKPKRKPC - Jeju International157.16
9Jeju International - RKPCZSSS - Hongqiao296.13
 Number of Hops: 9Total Distance:2085.75