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How can I tell what frame rate I am getting in FS2004?

Press Shift and Ztwice. This will bring up the framerate counter at the top left of the screen.

Hit Shift and Z twice again to remove the text.


How do I get the aircraft doors to open?

Press Shift and E together will open the first door.

Additional doors can be operned by preesing Shift and E together then press - but remember that not all doors will open on every aircraft.


I cannot fly directly over the North or South Pole. Why?

If you are using FS2002 or FS2004 then N89:30 and S89:30 are the North/South limits of Flight Simulator.


How can I hide the menu bar in window mode or display it permanently in full-screen mode?

In the [MAIN] section of the fs9.cfg file

For Window mode change HideMenuNormal=0 to 1

For Full Screen mode, change HideMenuFullScreen=0 to 1

You can then display the menu bar with the ALT key 


Why cant I see water reflections in FS2004 with my GeForce graphics card like I did in FS2002?

FS2004 utilises DirectX 8 and this effect is not available with the GeForce 2 series and the GeForce 4 MX series of graphics cards as they are DirectX 7 compliant only.


Why is the water green sometimes?

The "green" or "milky" water issue is the overcast environment texture.

The default weather theme "Fair weather" has pockets of cirrus at 6/8 which triggers the overcast environment texture. During the day, this can cause that "milky" looking texture.

If you start out with this default weather theme you can see the overcast environment texture on the water. It can change if dynamic weather is turned on, changing back to the time appropriate environment texture


Can I use Flight Tracker with FS2004?

The short answer is yes.

FS FlightTracker is compatible with FS2004 and the current Air SeaTac Virtual Automated flight reporting modules. Please ensure you have the latest version of FS FlightTracker, currently 7.0.4 available at

FS FlightTracker requires the use of Peter Dowson's FSUIPC.DLL available at Please check regulary for updates to this file.

To activate FS FlightTracker with the new version of FSUIPC.DLL you will need this code to register the program. 85WR 07W9 YP94.  Check the FSUIPC documentation to find out how to enter this code.


I cannot stay logged in to the Flight Services, what do I do?

To ensure the Flight Service Centre works correctly the Air SeaTac website utilises cookies.

You MUST have cookies enabled to view the Flight Service Centre. If after a log-on you are immediately told you are logged out, you will need to adjust your Internet Browser settings.

The following instructions are for Internet Explorer only. In IE, goto "Tools | Options" and click on the "Privacy" Tab. Set the slider to Medium level.... Click "Apply" and then "OK".

This should resolve the problem, but if you are still having trouble, then empty your Internet Cache ...

Goto "Tools | Options" and click on the "General" Tab. Click "Delete Cookies".

If this fails then reduce the setting further until you can keep the connection.


How do I back-up from a gate?

With the push-back function: SHIFT+P to start the push-back.

SHIFT+P then 1 (main keyboard) to back and turn left,

SHIFT+P then 2 to back and turn right.

SHIFT+P again to stop moving!


How do I disable airspace alert messages in the GPS 500?

Press and hold the MSG button for two seconds, to enable them press the MSG button again